The Mill Creek greenway program provides a sound strategy for achieving multiple environmental, economic and social objectives.

The development of a Mill Creek greenway system will improve water quality, aquatic and wildlife habitat, and overall health of the Mill Creek corridor ecosystem.

The Mill Creek Greenway Trail will physically transform the Mill Creek corridor and watershed,located in the geographic heart of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. This multi-objective program will help to eliminate blight; economically revitalize Mill Creek neighborhoods and communities; create jobs; stimulate the local economy; increase Mill Creek's visibility; regenerate the health of the river and its natural resources; and provide opportunities for bike commuting, people-powered short trips, multi-modal transportation, recreation, outdoor exercise, and environmental education.

To maximize the public use and value of this initiative, Groundwork Cincinnati - Mill Creek will integrate trail furnishings (e.g., bike racks, benches, picnic tables, fencing and signs) made from reused/recycled materials; incorporate green technologies (e.g., solar-powered or energy efficient lighting at trail heads, trail paving materials from shredded rubber tires and porous asphalt); install public art; and create physical exercise stations, in consultation with health organizations.

Phase 4 of the the trail was recently completed, check it out: 


Cincinnati Connects:

Thanks to the generous support of Interact for Health, Groundwork is managing the Cincinnati Connects trail planning project. Our team's full report is going to be released in late November. Until then, context maps based on 2010 Census data are displayed below: