Greenways encourage more people to walk or bike to short distance destinations, which improves the health of residents.

Providing opportunities for participation in outdoor activities, close to where people live and work, is an important component of promoting healthy lifestyle for Mill Creek watershed residents.

The Mill Creek greenway program provides a sound strategy for achieving multiple environmental, economic and social objectives. The development of a Mill Creek greenway system will improve water quality, aquatic and wildlife habitat, and overall health of the Mill Creek corridor ecosystem. The greenway system will physically change the face of the landscape over time, eliminating urban blight and creating a more beautiful and enjoyable experience for citizens and neighborhoods.

The greenway system provides new and renewed park, recreation, and alternative transportation opportunities. Its creation provides "soft engineering" methods of managing stormwater, preventing pollution and reducing damage caused by flooding. The greenway system will stimulate economic activity, increase property values, and significantly improve the quality of life in inner-city and first ring suburban neighborhoods. The greenway system supports and enhances the City €™s and County €™s efforts to retain and attract new residents.

The Mill Creek Greenway is multi-objective, and incorporates the public process into all phases of its development and vision for a 28-mile long series of greenway trails; beginning in Butler County, traveling through the heart of the region to the confluence of Mill Creek and the mighty Ohio River.