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SPACE WALK is an after dark immersive visual art installation designed to convey the true scale of our solar system, both in terms of the size of the planets and their distances from the sun. Following a linear path spanning 3/4 of a mile and at a scale of 3.5 Billion:1, this walkable installation replicates the vastness of space in a tangible way.

Beginning at the sun, a hand painted globe filled with 50 pulsing LED lights intended to emulate solar activity, explorers continue along the path visiting each planet as they travel further out from the sun. Our miniature planets are hand-painted in realistic detail with blacklight acrylic and lit with solar powered UV lights after dusk. 

SPACE WALK intends to be the most realistic to-scale outdoor model of our solar system in the world and lives along the Mill Greek Greenway path at Salway park, in Cincinnati, OH.



We humbly ask for the support of our community to build a FRIENDS of SPACE WALK fund. Your generous donation will aid our efforts to maintain the functionality of SPACE WALK. The Haile Foundation is offering a 2:1 matching grant for every dollar we raise up to the first $750! As a thank you we are booking special guided tours with SPACE WALK creator and amateur astronomer: JOSIAH WOLF.

$30 : you + 1 guest [group tour]
$50 : you + up to 4 guests [group tour]
$80 : you + up to 9 guests [private tour]
*all tours are 10 people max*


twitter:  @spacewalkcincy
instagram: @spacewalkcincinnati